Which baby shoe?

First of all, you have to ask yourself when to put shoes on your baby? Once this problem has been resolved, we will assume that your baby has learned to walk and therefore needs to put on shoes to run around. There are 4 criteria to respect:

  • Light
  • Natural composition
  • Flexibility, thin sole
  • Comfort

Choose light baby shoes.

First-step shoes should be light, your baby should have as little hindrance as possible. Proportionally, imagine the weight that shoes can have in relation to its size and strength.

No synthetic shoes for your child!

The temptation is to buy baby sneakers or synthetic canvas shoes. Worse in faux leather, cheaper, anyway my baby's feet will grow quickly… error, the feet have to breathe. Leather has the advantage of being natural, supple and breathable. Of course, do not buy shoes where you do not know the origin of the leather. The leathers of European manufacture and tanning are controlled.

No clogs, soft shoes!

More seriously, the days of our young adventurers were worn in super stiff shoes are over. The feet must be able to unfold as naturally as possible. I suggest soft shoes with thin soles. But also not too flexible, because it takes a minimum of support.

Comfort and practicality

Your baby needs to be comfortable in his shoes, you will quickly see this when he walks. I am more for the laces than the scratch, for a simple reason, the lace supports better and above all is less easily pulled than a scratch. So less temptation to take off the shoes every 30 seconds.

In summary, depending on the season, choose shoes or sandals that are more high-rise and support the heel. Light and flexible, of good quality. And especially in the right size, neither too big (so as not to buy too many pairs) nor too small. For that, look at our page how to know the baby shoe size ?

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