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baby girl shoes

At Boni Classic we are particularly conscientious in the production of our baby shoes. We have a very wide range of baby girl boots, toddler shoes, baby girl sandals, t bar shoes and baby girl trainers. We primarily make our childrens shoes out of leather for all the beneficial properties of the material, such as its durability, supplety and breathability.  Our range of baby girl shoes is classical, timeless and pretty, and we have plenty of designs to thrill your little girl. Boni Classic baby shoes are always guaranteed Chrome 6 free and extremely comfortable, just what your baby needs to get up on her feet. ###

Choosing the right shoe for your baby will depend on the aesthetic style that catches your eye and the practical aspect: what does your baby need? Our baby boots are highly recommendable for a toddler as they support her ankles for her first steps. For the winter, our baby slippers and wool lined baby boots with keep her little feet nice and cosy. If its for a special event such as a wedding, party or even for her christening, we have very elegant t bar baby shoes and white sandals in our baby shoes for events section. In the summer our lovely baby sandals and baby loafers might catch your eye, they are so comfortable and will keep your baby’s feet nice and cool while providing total freedom of movement. For boys, click here to find our baby boy shoes.

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