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Our boys boots are part of a selection of what we do best. We go from boys walking boots and boys walking shoes to boys leather boots and boys Chelsea boots. Made entirely from leather and ergonomic, boys boots are designed to provide your children’s feet with the highest level of protection against the cold and slippery and rough terrains. They are crafted in Spain and Portugal by local artisans.

It is ever more challenging to find high quality leather boots for your boys, but we believe that it remains primordial to provide what’s best for your children and their delicate, evolving feet. Our different boys boots designs are aesthetically very different from one to the other, but all of them were meticulously created with the unanimous goal of protecting your children’s’ feet from the cold and wet seasons while remaining comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Our boys walking shoes will therefore become your child’s indispensable ally against the coldest and wettest days of the year. Our boys boots are very smart and go well with any outfit.

Fur lined boots simply must feature amongst your child’s shoes as they can protect your child’s feet from the cold like no other. Perfect for walking through the snow, these snow boots are extremely appealing thanks to the comfort of the inner lining. Lace-up or not, each boy boot can be appealing to different tastes, and we are confident you will find the design that your boy will want to wear throughout the winter. 

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