At what age can you put shoes on your baby?

This question is complex and simple at the same time. It's not a question of age, but of how your baby is growing. Some babies walk at nine months, others at 16 months, that doesn't prove anything, but it's a fact. Babies can start putting shoes on when they start to stand up without walking, i.e. around the age of 9 months or more, it depends on the babies.
Each baby develops on his own. rhythm, no stress for the mothers, who hear in the play areas "mine is walking at 9 months, mine is already talking at one year old, mine eats everything, mine takes long naps and is never sick, etc. In short, each baby is different and evolves in the way that best suits him. Some babies are very happy to crawl up to 18 months and older, so a good pair of soft shoes will help them when they start to stand up along chairs and tables.
I suggest classifying your baby into different categories, according to their stage of advancement in locomotion:
  • 1 / Too little, your baby is not moving yet.
  • 2 / Your baby crawls on all fours or some other way, but not standing.
  • 3 / Your baby will stand up and walk only while holding on.
  • 4 / Your baby can move easily while standing.

1 / Too little, your baby is not moving yet : 

2 / Your baby is moving, but not standing :

Normally, at this age, your baby does not need shoes except to keep her feet warm or to put on his 31! He needs soft leather slippers, lined in winters or ventilated in summer. Under no circumstances should heavy shoes with soles that risk turning the stroller feet outwards. Leave your feet as free as possible for ideal development.

We have taken a step further, your baby is exploring the surroundings, he crawls, crawls, jumps on his buttocks, rolls, in short he moves, but not yet on his two legs. Baby shoes are not necessary at all, just leather baby shoes to protect him or for outings . Patience, the rest will arrive faster than you think…

3 / Your baby will stand up and walk only while standing :

4 / Your baby can move easily while standing :

For his first steps, standing, clinging to whatever he finds, baby experiences a new dimension! At this point, there is no need to jump to your favorite shoe site, Boni & Sidonie , your baby is just fine toe to toe. air… Indeed, at this age his feet are composed of flexible cartilages, and therefore malleable. He will strengthen his feet as well as possible and have more comfort with his feet in freedom. To protect him, you can put soft leather slippers on him, but no soled shoes yet, except when going outdoors.

And there he is, he is frolicking, running, doing like a "big"! He is approaching his 18 months, when his feet are starting to strengthen, the cartilage becomes bone. It's time to buy him baby shoes , real ones with soles! And there we ask ourselves a new question: which baby shoe ?

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