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At what age should you put shoes on your baby?

This question is complex and simple at the same time. It's not a question of age, but of your baby's development. Some babies walk at nine months others at 16 months, that doesn't prove anything, but it's a fact. We can start putting shoes on babies when they start to stand up without walking, that is to say around the age of 9 months or more, it depends on the babies.

Each baby develops at their own pace, no stress for mums, who hear in play areas "mine walks at 9 months, mine already talks at one year, mine eats everything, months mine takes long naps and is never sick, etc. In short, each baby is different and evolves in the way that suits him best. Some babies are very happy with crawling up to 18 months and older, so a good pair of soft shoes will help them when they start to stand up along chairs and tables.

I propose to classify your baby into different categories, according to their stage of advancement in locomotion:

  1. Infant, your baby is not moving yet.
  2. Your baby crawls or otherwise crawls, but not upright.
  3. Your baby only stands and walks while holding on.
  4. Your baby moves easily upright.
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What size for baby?

9,7 cm160,51
10,4 cm171,52
11 cm1822,5
11,7 cm1933,5
12,4 cm203,54,5
13 cm214,55
13,7 cm225,56
14,4 cm2366,5
15 cm2477,5
15,7 cm257,58
16,4 cm268,59,5

1. New born, your baby is not standing yet

2. Your baby is standing, but not walking

3. Your baby only stands and walks while holding on

4. Your baby moves easily while standing

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