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How to know the baby's shoe size?

Is your baby starting to stand up, or more simply, do you want to buy him slippers? But what size does your adorable baby make? Not easy to determine at this age… It is essential to know the baby's size, because you can damage his feet without wanting to. Indeed, a baby has very soft bones in his feet, and putting on shoes that are too small can deform his feet. Too big, shoes will trip him up… A baby won't tell you if the size is right for him! So measure the small foot well in centimeters by referring to our size guide below which will convert the centimeters of the small foot into a size. (podometer at the bottom of the page)

Which first step shoes for baby?

For your baby's first steps, we recommend:

  • Especially leather shoes!
  • Ideally shoes with laces to better support it.
  • Baby shoes that are not too rigid so that they can walk smoothly.
  • A high rod to maintain his ankle.

Baby shoes in leather or suede?

There are a lot of misconceptions about suede shoes. But I often recommend them for the little ones because

  • Suede is flexible..
  • It wears out less quickly than leather.
  • It is dyed in the mass and has a better patina.

Baby shoes - Boni&Sidonie

What size for baby?

9,7 cm160,51
10,4 cm171,52
11 cm1822,5
11,7 cm1933,5
12,4 cm203,54,5
13 cm214,55
13,7 cm225,56
14,4 cm2366,5
15 cm2477,5
15,7 cm257,58
16,4 cm268,59,5

How to measure baby's foot?

It's always a puzzle to put our baby on, because we don't know what he's thinking. But at what age can we put shoes on our baby? The first size found in stores is 16 which corresponds to an age of 0 to 3 months, then size 17 at an age of 3 months to 6 months, size 18 from 6 months to 9 months, and on the 19th from around 9 months to a year. The best is to measure the small foot in centimeters and refer to our size guide. Because each baby grows differently, some are chubby and have a strong kick, others have very thin feet. Then some walk at 9 months and wear a size 17 or 18, so it's not easy to find the right baby shoe but you can find them on our site. It is therefore necessary to measure the shoe size of your baby at best. Ideally, if he is starting to stand up or is already walking, he should be stood on firm ground, put a sheet of paper under his feet, and draw a line around the foot. You will then need to measure the two most distant points. Then you will need to refer to our size guide to determine what size it is. If in doubt, send us an email ( with the result of your measurement in cm and the desired models. If your baby is not yet standing, you should take a hard support, such as cardboard and put his foot against it and trace the outline of the feet.

Find baby's shoe size without a pedometer:

  • Put a sheet of paper on a flat, rigid surface, along a wall.
  • Stand your baby up on the sheet, heel against the wall.
  • With a pen, draw a line at the tip of the longest toe on the sheet.
  • Keep the pen straight if possible when outlining making sure it keeps contact with the feet at all times.
  • With a ruler, measure the distance from the edge of the sheet to your line to determine the length and width of the foot.
  • Add 1cm to your result and divide by 0.666.


6.6 mm separates two EU sizes, so you can use this calculation for the whole family, and even for yourself!

(Size in cm + 1 cm) / 0.666 = your size in EU

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