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Girls Sandals

Our sandals are extremely cute, colourful and elegant. We have a great range of sandals, going from smart white sandals and navy sandals to very colourful girls sandals and baby sandals, which are more supple and light, in many different colours, textures and designs to please any young girl. In the hot summer sun, it is vital for your children to be able to air their feet whilst keeping them protected. All our girls sandals are made from high quality leather by Spanish and Portuguese artisans. Click here to find other girls shoes.###

Essential during the hottest month of the year, childrens sandals adorned with summery motifs are very pleasing to the eye. Knots and flowers of different sizes and textures, as well as multi-coloured leather lashes are features of our girls sandals that really are appealing to young girls.

Each design has a distinguishing feature, whether it be different motifs or colourful leather lashes, or even a printed feature, as we strive to give a sense of originality to our girls sandals.

We use leather of the highest quality available and for that reason we guarantee longevity to our childrens sandals. They can endure the most outdoorish activities and can last from one summer to the other and even be past down to younger siblings, so why not invest in a couple of different styles to add some variety to the different days of the week? Our glittery sandals will dazzle your daughter and make her feel like a little princess, perfect for a summer afternoon play-date. 




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