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Why did Boni & Sidonie choose to be eco-responsible?

Retail is one of the most polluting sectors in France and packaging is a large part of it. From the start, Boni & Sidonie decided to opt for eco-responsible packaging and packaging. It is important for us that the packaging does not pollute. Some plastics are recyclable like our bottles which can only be recycled 3 times maximum. Thus we limit as much as possible the plastic materials which take a long time to degrade.

We try as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint to leave a healthy planet for the future of our children. To avoid energy-consuming shipments and returns (transport, paper, labels, etc.), and a maximum of exchanges and refunds, you can give us the size in centimeters of your child's feet and we will adapt the size according to the model. chosen on, you can call us at 09 63 67 52 38 ou nous écrire à cette adresse email : We will be very happy to answer you as soon as possible!

The packaging and packaging of our shoes

  • The box
    In order to reduce waste, Boni & Sidonie shoe boxes are made of cardboard and meet all European environmental standards.

  • Paper
    Shoe boxes are wrapped with kraft paper made from fully recyclable and biodegradable virgin fibers.

  • Boxes
    In addition, our recyclable boxes are made from responsible materials and are 70% recycled.

  • Adhesive tape
    Adhesive tape is made from renewable resources, natural glues and kraft papers. In addition to being recyclable, it also has the same resistance as classic tape.


We have chosen to manufacture our shoes in Spain and Portugal for the quality of fair work, respect for the environment, 6* chrome-free leather tanning and non-child labor.

One of our carriers, Colissimo (LaPoste) has set up a program to offset the local environmental footprint, but also to promote the fight against global warming. For example, LaPoste has trained more than 80,000 postal workers in eco-driving as a result each year 4 million liters of diesel saved and 10 thousand tonnes less CO2.

Vegetable-tanned shoes

We also make more effort in the leather of our shoes by offering around twenty models in vegetable tanned leather such as baby's first steps shoes and slippers, for example, the Boni Johan II which have a sole and an inner lining 100% in vegetable tanned leather. Leather tanning is entirely made from plants and trees. Of course, the process is longer; leather with chemical processing can be completed in 24 hours while vegetable tanned leather requires more time.

One of our main Spanish factories has installed a system that improves water management efficiency and uses low consumption lamps. Shoe glues are water-based and solvent-free, which provides greater protection for workers and children's feet. The factory also has a project to install solar panels that minimize the environmental impact by 95%.

Of course, we are not perfect, but we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint to leave a healthy planet for the future of our children.

*Chromium 6 is obtained by combining several substances during tanning; chromium 6 is allergenic and very dangerous for health.