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Boys Sandals

Our boys sandals are the product of a long thought process with the ultimate goal of creating the best sandals possible for the feet of your children. They are made from premium quality leather and are sturdy and comfortable. We created them to be practical, resistant to fun and games, and overall to be extremely handsome!###

Sandals are often associated with uncomfortable straps and difficulties to run around in. We worked hard to reduce that association to the level of a simple myth. Our boys sandals are easy to walk around in and comfortable, and will enable your children to partake in any number of outdoor activities without restriction. Made from high quality leather, these boys sandals are fantastic for energetic children and will be a solid contributor to a summer of fun. We are conscious of the importance of a supportive sandal that provides ventilation to your kid’s feet, and our boys sandals are the answer to these criteria.

The main characteristics of our boys sandals are the colourful leather lashes which make up the body of the shoe. The array of colours, and the Velcro or buckle designs mean that we have a sandal for every taste and need. Some of our boys sandals have a more closed design than others, and these are perfect for bridging the gap between the cool spring and the hot summer. 




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