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In May 2013, not finding quality leather shoes for my children on the internet, we decided to launch our own French brand of children's shoes: Boni & Sidonie. We have created an online shopping website

In order to be sure of the quality of the shoes and the leather, we favor Spanish and Portuguese products to be the closest to our factories. We visited several factories of children's shoes and boots in Spain. They are made in a fair manner under the excellent working conditions that we observe on our travels. We have selected three workshops to launch our brand. These workshops are located in the south of Spain. They are renowned for their know-how and guarantee an irreproachable quality with leathers without dangerous products.

One of the workshops specializes in baby slippers, father and son work together with passion underneath from their home, during our trip we found an authentic handicraft that is unfortunately often lost in France. We thus offer the guarantee of high-end and timeless shoes and boots for babies and children that respect the growth of the feet. We have also established a partnership with the Start Rite brand, the famous English brand existing since 1792, official supplier to the English royal family.

In July 2013 to launch our site we had more than 2000 pairs of shoes manufactured in Spain; half from Start Rite and the other half from Boni & Sidonie.

Focus on your children's feet.


It is important that our children have shoes that allow to the feet to breathe and to be maintained. That’s why we only offer soft leather shoes with a non-slip sole to facilitate walking and the proper growth of the foot. The insoles are also made of leather for the arch of the foot. For the winter, for example, we offer pretty boots or warm boots in suede with the interior in real sheep wool, they are treated for rain and waterproof, and also a wide range of moccasins .

It is important that our children have shoes that allow the feet to breathe and be supported. In summer we offer a wide choice of sandals, ballerinas and soft moccasins, in quality leather.


The leathers of the shoes and boots are of high quality and guaranteed without chrome 6, important information, because a lot of shoes made in outside of Europe contain this highly carcinogenic product. We are of course against synthetic leathers which do not allow children's feet to breathe.


Without being retrograde, it is possible today to make our children wear pretty, solid and leather shoes . When it comes to the design of the shoes we think a lot about a simple, elegant and classic style. We are listening to all our customers in France and elsewhere! We are not just a shoe brand for bcbg and bobo! ;)


We have a hundred different models, ranging from the very classic and timeless style of Start-Rite and Boni & Sidonie to boots and ankle boots, including moccasins, ballet flats and sandals. You will find in our size guide, the measurement of your child's feet corresponding to the exact height. For our shoes, we start in size 17 and end in size 42. Some shoes are easy to put on thanks to their buckle or hook-and-loop closure.

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