In May, 2013, not finding leather quality shoes for my children on the Internet in Switzerland, I decided to launch my own brand of children's shoes: boni Classic  children's shoes. While being at it, I created a web site of on-line purchase www.boniclassic.ch.

To be certain of the quality of shoes and leather, I favor the European manufacturings. In June, I visited several factories of shoes and children's boots in Spain. At the moment, I held one to launch my brand classic Bonus. This comany is situated in the South of Spain is considered as its know-how and guarantees an irreproachable quality with leathers without dangerous products.

I also contacted the Start Rite, the English children's shoes brand existing since 1792 and official partner of the English royal family. Shoes and boots for babies and children top of the range and perennially fashionable.

In the course of July, I received more than 2000 pairs of shoes, half coming from Start Rite and being the other one Bonus Classic.



It is important that our children have shoes which allow the feet to breathe and to be maintained. That is why I sell only shoes in soft leather with a big preservation of the foot. Our shoes and kick(appeal) to children have also flexible soles to facilitate the walking(step) and the good progress of the growth of the foot. Inner soles are also leather with filling for the arch of the foot. For this winter, I have attractive hot boots in deer with the inside in real sheep's wool, they are handled(treated) for the rain and waterproof.

It is important that our children have shoes which allow the feet to breathe and to be maintained.


Leathers of shoes and boots are of quality and guarantee without chromium 6, important information, because a great deal of shoes made outside Europe contain this highly carcinogenic product. We are naturally against synthetic leathers which do not let inhale the feet of the children.


It's a pity to see our wearing children all in the same way, with synthetic sneakers which are not good for their foot. Without being reactionary, it is possible today to make carry(wear) to our children of the attractive, solid and leather shoes.


I have 79 different models, going of the very classic style of Start-Rite up to boots and bootees, via moccasins and ballerinas. I begin for the first steps in 17 and I go for the teenagers to 42. I thought of the smallest by having closures with Velcro or with buckle.

Where I am:


I have created a showroom, so that all the children of the region of Nyon and neighborhood can come to try the shoes ore boots and to notice the quality. It is in a family and friendly atmosphere that I welcome small and big with a snack to make them wait at the time of the fitting.

The showroom is in 3  chemin du Gros Chêne at 1270 Trélex, opened every Wednesday after noon from 2 pm till 7 pm and the rest of the week by appointment to 022 700 19 16 or 079 371 84 02.

For the rest of Switzerland and europe, I send shoes via the Post office. We can buy all the models on our website. Secure payment via Post-finance and Paypal.

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