Boni & Sidonie is a brand of French shoes working with European manufacturers, mainly in Spain and in Portugal. Its models are characterized above all by their comfort and the quality of the materials used.

Our choice for Europe and especially Spanish shoes comes from their know-how , which they were able to keep. We have selected artisans who manufacture from father to son or small factories specializing in children's shoes .

Of course, there is the temptation of Asia and other countries where one can buy for the half the price of the models, but what about quality, ethics and pollution? We prefer to offer you shoes without having to hide their origin from you, knowing who made them and how the leather was tanned.
To get there, we had to revisit the classic business model, where a large part of the price is used for advertising or the sales network, we have therefore chosen to be a "pure player", namely, to sell only on the internet while limiting our margin and costs.
For you and for us, try to limit shipments and returns, it is very anti-ecological, we wastes everyone's time. We are here to advise you on both the model and the size. Of course if this does not suit we take the shoes back. But that's not an end in itself;)

So we will do everything to offer you a nice choice of Spanish shoes and accessories made in Europe with respect for people and the planet!

Find the pair of shoes for your child!

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