Boni & Sidonie contest rules
Win 100

BONI & SIDONIE organizes a free game every month with no purchase obligation; from the 1st of the month to the 30th of the month a contest on the site and on the social networks and

* Method of participation

To win 100 euros in voucher on the whole site, it's very simple just post a nice photo of our worn shoes on your instagram and / or Facebook account.
Participation on both accounts is possible.
- Subscribe to one of our accounts:
Facebook and / or Instagram (@bonietsidonie)
> - Put the #BonietSidonie and #Jeparticipe
- Identify / Tag one of our Facebook and / or Instagram accounts

The most liked photo at the end of the month will be the winning account!
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The game is free and no purchase required; it takes place from the 1st of the month to the 30th of the month. Each participant must agree to these rules, which can be viewed at any time on the site. The use of #BonietSidonie and #Jeparticipe on an Instagram and / or Facebook post leads to acceptance of the site competition
Any fraud in the competition will result in the participant's cancellation.

* Designation of the winner and Endowment

The winner will be designated on the 30th of the month; the winning account will be the one that gets the most "Likes" on its post from people with accounts on Facebook and / or Instagram. The winner's photo will have their photo on the home page
The prize is a voucher worth 100 euros delivered in the form of a code. When ordering, you must insert this code to benefit from the 100 euros on the entire site. The endowment cannot give rise to any dispute.
Boni & Sidonie will contact us by private message on Instagram or Facebook. If after one month the winner does not show up, we will cancel the prize and the winner will no longer be able to claim it.
Also, we only give a code with a value of 100 euros; Boni & Sidonie will not be held responsible if there is the loss of the prize valued at 100 euros (eg stealing an Instagram or Facebook account) and also any other technical failures of the Instagram or Facebook social networks; the internet is not a secure network; we will not compensate participants.

* Organizing Company

BONI & SIDONIE SARL whose head office is located at 67 Route DE QUELVEZIN at CARNAC 56340. Represented by Oriane and Boniface de Castellane , in their capacity as managers; registered with the RCS of Lorient 844 231 647; Phone number: +33 (0) 9 63 67 52 38

* Condition of participation

The competition is open to any natural person. However, any minor (under 18) must have the consent of the holder (s) of parental authority. All participants must abide by the Instagram and Facebook terms of use. We point out that Instagram and Facebook are in no way involved in the competition organized by the company Boni & Sidonie.

* Force majeure

Boni & Sidonie will not be held responsible if the game must be modified, shortened or canceled in case of force majeure or independent of our commitment ; we will not compensate participants.

* Delivery and transport

We make every effort to send the articles as soon as possible, namely no later than the next working day of the day of the order. We reserve the right to divide an order into several packages or to group together several orders in the same package with the same delivery address. In principle, we only allow the conclusion of orders for products that are physically available in our stock in order to guarantee rapid delivery. However, if a difference in inventory prevents us from delivering a product, we undertake to communicate it to you as soon as possible and to offer you alternative products.
 We deliver free of charge and exchange is not possible.

* Applicable law

If in the event of a conflict the two parties have not found an amicable solution leading to a dispute ; the applicable law will be French. Likewise, in the face of an international dispute, French law will be applied.

* Use of photos

By accepting the payment, Boni & Sidonie reserves the right to use photos on the site and on social networks after having accepted the payment made by #BonietSidonie and #Jeparticipe.

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