First steps baby shoe

When a baby starts to stand up and want to put one foot in front of the other, he enters a crucial point of his development. A good pair of first walking shoes for baby is essential to help your baby overcome this challenge. Comparing our various baby shoes will enable you to determine which one is right for your baby. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice, as all of our childrens shoes have been rigorously tested by our three young children!

A thoroughly studied heel and ankle height are just a couple of aspects of our baby shoes which have been carefully considered before putting our first walking shoes on the market so as to guarantee a product which is appropriate to your child’s growth.The high quality of the leather is also an important health factor, as some leathers are treated with chemicals such as chrome 6 which can be harmful to your child’s skin. A leather interior allows for great breathability of the foot, and leather or suede upper baby shoes are extremely elegant and varied, depending on your taste. Given that many precious childhood moments will me immortalised by a camera, it is important for our first step shoes to be aesthetically pleasing and go well with many different baby outfits. That is why we offer so many different styles of first walking shoes for toddler from patent leather shoes, baby sandals, wool lined boots, t bar shoes or more modern baby trainers.

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